The Soma Leo Foundation has no employees. Both in the UK and in Kenya the Trustees and volunteers who support us are unpaid.

In the UK

People who work for Pound Gates, Sevatas and Contior (businesses owned by Kevin Collins, a Trustee) provide the charity with essential support in areas such as financial management, marketing and compliance, as well as arranging and engaging in various fundraising activities.

The other Trustees are David Collins, Client Services Director at Pound Gates, Matt Holmes, Director of Sevatas and Claire Woodbridge, Client Executive at Pound Gates.

[L-R: David Collins, Matt Holmes, Claire Woodbridge, Kevin Collins]

In Kenya

Samwel Manda is our representative in Kenya. As well as running another community school, Samwel also runs an orphanage and has many years experience working with international charities. Samwel passionately believes that children should be given the opportunity to get a foundation in well-being and education in order to give them the best possible chance for a future life of self reliance.

Samwel's family donated the land upon which the Nyiera school is built and is working with the local community on how the school is run.


Our Supporters