Soma Leo

The Soma Leo Foundation

We are a small, Ipswich-based charity, established in 2015 to provide education and support to disadvantaged communities in east Africa. We currently do this through our own school, The Soma Leo Academy, in Nyiera, Kenya and by supporting other schools in nearby Osieko.

At the Academy, we seek to achieve excellence by providing safe and clean facilities, high quality teaching with an appropriate teacher to pupil ratio, a varied and interesting curriculum, and nourishment for our 175 primary-aged pupils.

We also work with other schools in the area to help them improve their quality standards through loaning computer equipment, the provision of books and teacher development and support.

We hope to expand The Soma Leo Academy to take pupils through all primary years of education, as well as increase our support for neighbouring schools with more formal teaching training, equipment and improved facilities.

Explore our site to find out about education in rural Kenya, our latest news, and how you can get involved and make a donation.