Soma Leo

Cycling Challenge for Soma Leo 2023

Throughout the month of May 2023, staff from across the Pound Gates Group (Pound Gates, Sevatas and Contior) are taking part in The Cycling Challenge for Soma Leo.

The Challenge will raise funds for the charity, specifically for new laptops, computer and internet connectivity, which will help the pupils of The Soma Leo Academy with online learning and connection to the wider world.

It’s a wonderful opportunity to bring all of the staff, from the Pound Gates businesses, back together following several years of hybrid and homeworking. Our teams will work together for a common goal, while having fun and (possibly) getting a little fitter in the process.

The Challenge will take place in Ipswich and two Sevatas site offices, Portbury and Dagenham.

Participants are free to engage with the Challenge in the way that they find most enjoyable, as long as it's achieved through pedal power. There will be static bikes at the offices, spin classes at a local gym and organised group rides. Although there is a focus on bringing our staff together, there is also the option for solo rides and cycling at home or at the gym. Everyone taking part  has committed to cycling at least 50 miles over the month.

How can you support us?

Give our cyclists a boost and help us reach our target of £5,000 with a donation. Click the link below to get started.

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You can follow the Challenge on social media, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Seach for #CyclingChallengeforSomaLeo.