Charitable events see an amazing response in support of The Soma Leo Foundation

Charitable events see an amazing response in support of The Soma Leo Foundation

In June and July charitable events were held in support of The Soma Leo Foundation which together raised over £13,000. This will enable to charity to operate our school in Nyiera, educating and feeding 60 children for over a year. It will also help us in supporting other schools in the Nyiera area.

Throughout June Pound Gates & Sevatas staff participated in a virtual Triathlon, aiming to travel the equivalent distance of the circumference of Lake Victoria in the three triathlon disciplines.

Over 70 staff participated and all distance targets were smashed. With support from friends, family, businesses and colleagues over £7,600 was raised, and perhaps a little came off some waistlines as well.

On the 5th July Ipswich Preparatory School, a committed supporter of The Soma Leo Foundation, hosted an African Charity Day which included a presentation to the children from Trustee and Pound Gates owner Kevin Collins on progress with the school in Nyiera. Kevin was also able to provide an update on the container shipment of computers, books and other items contributed to by Ipswich Preparatory School and its wider community of children and parents at the turn of the year.

The day raised a fabulous £1,000 for the Foundation.

On 6th July we held our annual Golf Day. This was another fabulous day following our inaugural event last year. Organised by Pound Gates and co-sponsored by Larking Gowen, Concertus and Gotelee Solicitors over 70 guests enjoyed the event at Ufford Park. Thank you to all players, supporters, sponsors and those that donated prizes which helped us to raise £4,770.

Kevin Collins, Trustee and owner of Pound Gates & Sevatas said: “In a six week period we raised a fabulous headline amount of money. In addition we have helped raise the profile of the Foundation and the important benefits we are bringing to some very disadvantaged children. This money and future amounts we raise will make a big difference in helping achieve the charity’s immediate and future objectives. Thank you to all our participants and supporters.”