Staff participate in major fundraising event for The Soma Leo Foundation

Staff participate in major fundraising event for The Soma Leo Foundation

Throughout June staff from Pound Gates and Sevatas will undertake a virtual Triathlon to raise funds for Soma Leo Nyiera Academy. The school is on the shore of Lake Victoria. We will be travelling the distance around Africa’s largest lake, which is a whopping 3,440 km!

The challenge will be broken into the three Triathlon disciplines with an appropriate target distance for each, with 10 day slots allocated for each discipline. Participants will not only be aiming to collectively smash the target distances but meet their own personal challenges within each discipline.

We are hoping to raise a minimum of £2 for every kilometre of the target distance; therefore we have a fundraising target of £6,880. This amount will be a significant proportion of the funds required to run the school for an entire year!


50 km

June 1st- 10th

2,700 km

June 11th - 20th

690 km

June 21st- 30th

Kevin Collins, Trustee of The Soma Leo Foundation and owner of Pound Gates & Sevatas says, “Having established Soma Leo in 2015 we are delighted with the impact we are having in Kenya. There is so much more we can achieve and the money raised from this event will help us do so. As businesses, our approach to ‘Doing Good’ is about more than just raising money for good causes. An event like this provides the opportunity for our staff to get actively involved in supporting and promoting Soma Leo. Our teams are really engaged with raising funds and can see the direct impact their efforts have on the lives of very disadvantaged children (whilst having fun and getting a little fitter along the way)”.

To support our staff in achieving their goals, we are working with Ipswich Borough Council, Suffolk Sport, Ipswich Sports Club and Ipswich East Rotary Club to arrange a number of events and access to facilities across the month. Staff in other UK locations, the Netherlands and Germany will also get involved.