Soma Leo

Hello Team Oarsome

We are so thrilled that you are taking part in The Soma Leo Row-a-Fun this May

The Challenge is designed to help you reach your fitness goals, have lots of fun while doing it and to raise some funds for our charity.

This web page has been put together to give you everything you need to get underway with your Challenge.

Please take some time to read through the information, and complete any forms, where required. This is all designed to help you keep you safe and ensure you get the most out of your participation.

The Soma Leo Row-a-Fun

The premise of the Challenge is simple. As a team (of around 10 people) row as far as you can during the Month of May. We'll be collecting your distances, which will appear on a weekly league table, to show how you're doing against the other competing businesses. There will be an overall winning team, along with prizes for other challenges set during the month.

Get sponsorship for your Oarsome Challenge, and as a team raise a minimum of £600, that's just £60 each if there are 10 people in your team. Your Challenge Administrator will set up a Virgin Giving Money page for your team. Send the web link to friends, family and business associates and ask them to support you.

We'll provide you a rowing machine, the Concept 2 Indoor Rower (Model D). You can find out more about the equipment and how best to use it here.

Once the Challenge wraps, we'll be celebrating everyone's achievements with a party at the Pound Gates offices on Friday, 31 May. We'll be presenting the prizes and there will be a few last challenges where you can showoff your rowing prowess. More details on the event will follow in due course.

What you need to do before the Challenge gets underway

  • Complete the Fitness Questionnaire, and follow the instructions. If you have any health concerns, please check with your doctor before starting the Row-a-Fun. Once you are happy that you are fit to compete, sign the form that you can obtain from Challenge Administrator.
  • Complete two simple surveys about your physical activity levels and your how you're feeling. You'll  be asked to complete them again once the Challenge is over. The information you supply will be collated by Most Active County in order to assess how effective an event like the Row-a-Fun is at getting workforces moving.  For more information about Most Active County, please click here.
  • Watch the instruction videos on how to use the rowing machines. Rowing is fairly straight-forward, and easy to learn. These videos will get you off to your best start.
  • Get fund-raising. Your Challenge Administrator will give you the Virgin Money Giving page link.
  • Follow The Soma Leo Foundation on which ever social channel you enjoy: Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram. We'd love you to share your row-a-fun stories and photos using the hashtag #BeOarsome.


If you have any questions, please refer to your Challenge Administrator.

Where does the funding go?

The funds you raise will go towards the running costs of The Soma Leo Academy. The £600 raised by your team will pay for three children in Nyiera, Kenya to receive an education and nourishment for a year. Click here to find out more about the Foundation and the school.