Soma Leo

Fundraising tips

The target for each participating team is £600. This covers the cost of three children attending The Soma Leo Academy for a year, as well as providing them with a nutritious meal each day.

The simplest way to fundraise is to make use of the Virgin Giving Money page that your Challenge Administrator has set up for you. Once you're given the link, share it with friends, family and business associates. Below are some tips to help you with  your fundraising activities.


Set a target

Setting a target will you with your fundraising. By taking part in the Soma Leo Row-a-Fun, you agree to aim for a minimum target of £600. If you have 10 participants that just £60 each! But, you’re welcome to set it higher!


Stretch your target

If you get close to your target, increase it! Your supporters will be more generous if they are helping you reach your goal, and less generous if they think you have already achieved your target. If things go well, keep raising it.

Tell everyone

Make a list of all the people you would like to invite to sponsor you. Potential sponsors could include friends, family, colleagues, companies, people you know at the gym, your social club or pub.

Social media

Use social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to spread the word about the Challenge. Follow Soma Leo on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and ask your supporters to link to us too. That way they will receive our regular updates and feel more connected to what you're doing.

Virgin Giving Money

A Virgin Giving Money page will be set up for your company. You should aim to direct people to that page and complete their pledge online. Ask your most generous supported first. If you have a larger donation at the top of your page, it will encourage the rest of your supporters to follow suit.

Ask for support

Contacting local businesses is a common fundraising technique. Keep your approach concise, and include details about The Soma Leo Foundation and why you are supporting us. Tell them about the Row-a-Fun and the overall fundraising target. Remember to thank any contributors after the event and show your appreciation via social media sites.

At work

If you have colleagues who are not participating in the Row-a-Fun, then you may want to ask them to sponsor you.