Soma Leo

What to wear when rowing

If you’re new to rowing, you may find these guidelines helpful when it comes to what to wear. In general, normal gym gear will suffice. However, here are few things you should consider:


Baggy t.shirts can get caught up in the rowing stroke, making it difficult to move hands in and out of the recovery. Shirt tails can also get caught in the rollers of the sliding seat. It’s best to wear semi-fitted or form-fitting tops and make sure you tuck them in.


Long baggy shorts can stop you dead in your tracks if they get caught in the seat rollers. General fitness shorts, capris and leggings are recommended.


Any fitness or running shoes will work. When it comes to socks, bear in mind that your heel will flex up while in the catch position of the stroke, therefore it’s recommended you wear socks to help prevent chafing.


The back and forth motion can push hair into your eyes, so you may want to pull back long hair.


Rings, bracelets and other jewellery can be distracting and uncomfortable. Therefore, you may want to consider removing jewellery for your workouts.

Retro head and wrist bands